“Ken Sky’s events are gifts that keep on giving!”
Dr. Mark Goulston, Author Just Listen

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Most virtual events fall short because attendees don’t remain engaged or follow though afterwards. This is because most virtual meetings are boring, dry, and depressing. Employees dread these events and often feel disappointed when the event doesn’t deliver. As a result, there is very little lasting impact or quantitative positive outcomes. Does this sound familiar?

Ken Sky Unlimited provides a complete 360 solution to help you design and deliver live virtual programs that engage and WOW your audience in a meaningful way, which allows you to better meet the event objectives and outcomes.

The internet is cluttered with the attempts of others to offer Zoom meeting guidance — save your time —  Ken Sky’s guide is clear, concise and lays out information in an easily digestible format. I am very selective about what I share with my team – this one is definitely worthy! It is brilliant!
Gerry RiskinFounder, Edge International


With our ROC-KIT (“Return-On-Conference Kit”), audiences will be engaged long before the event begins, and that engagement will stay HIGH throughout the entire program, resulting in measurable follow-through that lasts well beyond the conference!

Ken Sky is perfectly aligned for “virtual galas” –

Ken was instrumental in guiding Al Jazeera through an evaluation of remote video production tools as we look to expand our toolset to support on-air talent working from home rather than the studio during the coronavirus pandemic. I highly recommend Ken as a video production consultant and expect to continue to work with him on many future projects.

Gary Schare, Al Jazeera Media Network

Ken Sky was an essential asset to my recent virtual meeting success.  The challenges were numerous converting a 65 person two-day meeting into an exciting, informative, engaging and interactive 6 hour Zoom meeting.  Ken took the time to understand the audience, core values and mission then incorporated into the meeting’s engagement content. The meeting was seamless and went off without a hitch!  Ken shared his magical talents throughout the day creating surprise and delight for everyone.   I offer my hardy recommendation of Ken Sky to anyone seeking to take their Zoom meeting to the next level.

Mark Webb, Director - Fortune50
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Ken is a magical mix of speaker, entertainer, magician and master of the virtual presentation. He was instrumental in helping my team launch the very first live piano performance with an orchestra on Zoom to an audience of 6,000 registered global participants. It required timing, technical knowledge and understanding and Ken has it all!

Freddie Ravel, Founder of Life in Tune

I can’t imagine anyone better or more qualified to be in my corner as a Virtual Event Producer and Designer than Ken Sky. Not only does he get the job done, but he’s also one of those rare “above-and-beyonders” who, when given a task, comes back with three better ways to do it. With Ken, you get a unicorn – a singular talent who delivers professional production, who adds value by suggesting creative and emotional program designs, and who can also serve as the emcee for virtual events.

David Freeman, J.D., two-time best selling author, CEO David Freeman Consulting Group Inc.

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